My Favourite Booktubers

I’m fairly new to the booktube world. I’ve always been a massive reader but I’d never even noticed this community until the end of last year. I think that I wanted to see if anyone had put up a review on the book I had just finished, which of course they had. Then one thing led to another and it was 5 hours later and I was deep into the highly addictive world of book haul videos. I love book hauls, I love reviews, I love bookshop tours, I love bookshelf tours, I love book challenges and I especially have a thing for book un-hauling. Booktube is part of the reason I wanted to start this blog. I love discussing books, though I was quite happy not to film myself expressing them. So here are my favourite vloggers.

LovelyLikeLaura ( – Laura is just wonderful and not only because we share the same name. She was one of the first Booktubers I started to follow. Not only is she bright and bubbly but if you love contemporary (mainly young/new adult) then she is your go to girl.

Kelly’s Book Spill ( – Like Laura, but with a southern American charm, Kelly is a straight talking reviewer of mainly young/new adult contemporaries.

Bookables ( – Now I mean NO offense by this but I think this booktuber is around my age? I’m going with late 20s, hope I’m not really wrong. But anyway, if I am right it’s great to see someone my age also reviewing a lot of the Young Adult genre. I like that she reads a bit of everything and often dips into the adult book world too. Her videos are just so easy to listen too and I find her voice strangely soothing.

BooksandLala ( – If you like your books with a side order of data, this channel is for you. She constantly updates with page numbers and percentages which makes amazing viewing. Totally different from the other booktubers out there.

Chelsea Palmer ( – I love this girl’s channel. For a start off, her bookshelves are my dream! This channel is about everything fantasy and her unboxings are amazing.

LovingDemBooks ( – This girl is mad popular and I can see why. Her videos are light and fun, plus full of books that I need to read now.

PeruseProject ( – If you want fast talking and new books that everyone is getting into then this lady is for you. She does the best challenges and her channel always has something new to watch, which is great because I hate waiting long periods for the next post.

Cece’s Corner ( – Cece seems to read a bit of everything. She also makes me want to read things that I wouldn’t usually have even heard of. She’s a fresh voice and so very funny too.

Aprilius Maximus ( – This little Australian gem is a bright light on a foggy day. She is positive without being fake and I really like that. Plus she comes up with so many new books that I would never have even heard of if it wasn’t for her.

PolandbananasBOOKS( – I think anyone who has been anywhere near the booktube community will have heard of this lady. She is bright and dancy and LOUD! She loves her books and its great to watch her book excitement.

Sarah Actually ( – Excuse me for what I’m about to do here but Sarah ACTUALLY reads a lot of books that I have never heard of. The types of books that I wouldn’t glace at twice in a bookshop and yet every video she has me enthralled.

Danni Darling ( – not the kind of girl you can describe, she’s just awesome! Check her channel out.

Peter Likes Books ( – I like this man, he has fierce opinions and is a straight talker. He also has nifty money saving videos and isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes in. I really like him.

There are other booktubers I watch but these are my favourites! Though I’ve realised that I only follow about 3 men. I obviously need to correct this. Do you have a booktuber I NEED to follow? Please comment down below.


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