The Yorkshire Sheperdess by Amanda Owen

I’m from Cumbria right and although I live near Liverpool now, any book that mentions my home town on the first page (and then steadily throughout) is a complete winner for me. Before I get into my review I’m going to do my usual book vitals.

This book was first published in 2014 by Sedwich & Jackson. It is 288 pages short (I would have happily read this book if it was 1000 pages). It took me around 4 hours to read this book, I’ve done late shifts at work this last couple of days so I’ve been reading this on dinner breaks and bus journeys then begrudgingly having to put it down to work. I am giving this book 5 stars, thbut book has an overall 4.13 star rating on Goodreads, I think the fifth star was based on my emotional attachment to talk of the place I’m from and the places I’ve been.

The cover of this book is cute. I’m sure it would appeal to those who watched any of the programmes the Owen family have been in. I was drawn to the rolling hills and the happy, smiling children looking like they were having the time of their lives. My mum got my dad this book for Christmas last year, he hasn’t read it yet but I had read The Shepard’s Tale earlier in the year and I was looking Pliny for something to ease the mourning of that book finishing (which this did) so thank you dad for lending this to me, I’m only returning it because you NEED to read this.

I love that this book is written how I speak. It is a dialect that is homely to me. I can imagine people out of the region maybe struggling a bit, especially with the conversational parts, but if you like picking up new phrases this book is for you.

This book is also extremely funny. I found myself chuckling throughout. Amanda has a way with words like many of the farmers I grew up with. Straight talking and yet somehow poetic. He talk of snow drifts and coast to coast walkers was something I identified with immensely. Amanda’s ability to describe the disastrous to the rest of us in a calm and humerus fashion just goes to show how much this woman reminds me of a super hero.

She makes farming seem idyllic. Growing up I never really imagined a farming life. My dad had grown up on farms but I was quite happy living in our nice house in the middle of town. I don’t like muck, or noise, or smells but now I have these wild dreams of living on a farm. Of course I won’t because you have to have a work ethic that I will never encompass (and I would never have the planning, patience, knowledge or physical fitness) the skills to pull it off. 

How this woman has time to raise children, run a farm and bake is beyond me. And her laid back attitude makes her so likeable. Plus I am DYING to go for a cream tea on the farm.

I loved this book and if you like autobiographic tales filled with misadventure and love, this is for you. Quite frankly even if you don’t you should read this book because it is bloody brilliant! 

If you’ve read any books about the lakes, Cumbria or Yorkshire that you think I should read please comment below. Happy July people!


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