Arrest – Disarm #7 by June Gray

Arrest is the 7th instalment in June Gray’s Disarm series. I read the first 6 in a bind up novel which I review previously. I’m presuming if you’ve clicked on this review that you’ve read at least Disarm. If not and frankly if you haven’t Arrest there may be spoilers in this post, but I will try to keep them to a minimum.

This book was published in June 2014 by Berkley. And I’m quite impressed that I’m reading books less than 2 years old. I’m usually well behind with popular books so I’m getting better, for now. This book I would class as adult erotic, romance, contemporary I guess. Unlike the Disarm bind up, this book seemed to head down a much darker path that had its merits but also had elements of dragging it out for the sake of it.

The book is 352 pages long. I read it over about 5 hours and it was incredibly easy to read, like the whole series mostly due to the short chapters and book sections that make it just as easy to pick up as it is to put down. I am going to give this book 3 out of 5 stars. This book seems to have a higher rating overall on Goodreads than Disarm did but I’m not sure that it really deserves that. Personally I found certain issues with this book that made me really dislike it.

This book follows Henry and Elsie after the (literal) honeymoon period. This book features a lot of loss and a big message on looking after your own mental health. Which I love, I think that mental health issues especially in places like the military and police force is seen as weakness when if you were to just receive help things would be so much better, which is demonstrated in the book.

Unfortunately this book takes that cave man approach with Henry. We went through this in the first book, Henry loosing it and he got help and got better. But in this book, he didn’t only loose it but showed that he had real anger issues. Elsie must have the patience of a saint or a fool to stay with Henry. Especially when several times his anger issues resulted in him forbidding her to do things and physically restraining her (and not in a sexy way). If Henry was my partner I would have told him to get on his bike, I would not want a man like that in my life. I have loved toxic men before and I can 100% say that is what he is. Books like this make my skin crawl with anger, there is a difference between loving someone, supporting them and loving someone who goes out of his way to make life difficult, no matter what the circumstance. There were times in this book I worried for Elsie’s safety and her not doesn’t make me think she trusts him, it makes me think she’s really stupid.

This book did have some redeeming qualities for me; it raises issues of work place stress, of miscarriage, of relationship functionality. Unfortunately there is not one discussion of gun control, which quite frankly would have saved them half the trouble if they lived in a country that valued lives over some out of date rules. But I won’t even get started on this. This book was sexy in some way, not in a lot. It was funny occasionally but mainly damn right depressing. And although Disarm had it’s ups and downs it was still an exciting romantic story, this just made me glad the third book isn’t about Henry and Elsie. I wish them the best of luck, they’re gonna need it.


“Time heals all wounds, but only because the brain is a forgetful thing. We forget on purpose in order to leave the past behind and move on; it’s human nature.”

“I couldn’t bear to be in there knowing that just underneath a layer of paint was evidence of the hope we’ve lost.”

“I should have known better than to place my hope on promises made of clouds.”


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