Disarm – The Complete Novel by June Gray.

Happy Sunday everyone! I usually work Sunday’s so it’s completely lovely to have one off and I have spent it doing what I love the most, hanging out with my boyfriend, eating tasty snacks and of course absolutely ripping through this wonderful book. So here is my review.

I’m going to try and make this as spoiler free as possible. But I’m sorry now if something slips out.

This book was originally a collection of short e-stories that have been collected together for the paperback novel and therefor is in 6 sections, which makes for an unusual reading format but one that I have really enjoyed. The book was published in Febuary 2014 by Berkley. The book is 376 pages long. There are two more books after this one, Arrested which carries on after this book and Surrender which is a spin off about a side character in the books.

I read this book in about 5 hours, with regular Instagram breaks. The lettering is small (I think more so because I’m used to reading YA) but it flowed so easily that I found reading 50 pages felt like far far less. I’ve given this book 4 stars out of five which is about the collective feeling of it on Goodreads.

This book follows Elsie and her dead brother’s childhood friend trying to figure out their lives, each other and themselves. Now for those of you who have read the books you may laugh when I say this but I genuinely went into this book unaware that it was an erotic novel! I don’t know how I missed it but I honest to god thought this was a young adult/new adult romance.

The cover of this book annoys me, not so much the design but rather if it’s depicting the main characters, either the man is about a foot and a half too short or the woman is an incredibly tall 5″6. I know it’s nit picky but if you’re going to go to the trouble of describing the height of your characters at least follow through on the front cover or have a cover designer who has read the damn book!

So this isn’t one for the prudish and I’m so immature that I giggled my way through the first third of the page. But I am impressed. I am not an erotic fiction fan, I certainly wouldn’t go out of my way particularly to pick up one (apart from Sylvia Day who has the same effect as these books do) but this book was sexy without being offensive. It wasn’t boring and for the most the sex just wasn’t there for the hell of it. There were real emotions and feelings in this book that tied in so well with the sexy scenes. Though if you’re a fan of naughty books this is totally one you should try, it won’t disappoint.

The story is brilliant, it kept me hooked and I don’t really think I rolled my eyes THAT much, which is good for me. There were points where I was annoyed with the typical dramas that romance novels like to throw in to build tension but this book was quick to redeem itself. We get to see the past and loose ends aren’t just left as some kind of cliff hanger to force you to buy the next book.

The whole thing is actually tied up in a lovely little package and I loved that. You know why I’m going to read the next book? Not because I have too but because I want too, because even though I could leave it here and I’ve been left with no mysteries I still want to see what happens next! Gray has written relatable characters with real life issues and she’s made me care about them.

I don’t think that this is a series that I’ll reread and I may even have forgotten about it in a couple of months time but it was a hell of a way to spend a Sunday afternoon. 

And now I’m going to leave you with my favourite quotes from the book…

“The fifteen-year-old me was squealing with glee, but the twenty-seven-year-old was, admittedly, a little flustered.”

“I turned away, sick of my body’s disloyal reaction to those looks.”

“But a small part of me wanted it anyway, wanted to push through the barrier that had held us back all these years & find out what the hell was on the other side.”

“He grabbed the side my face & kissed me with such ache, shattering whatever was left of my heart.”

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