What We Saw by Aaron Hartzler

Realised in 2015 by HarperTeen, this book is 336 pages of knotted stomach and hard debate. It is so easy to say that these issues don’t exist, that rape doesn’t happy and that people don’t try to cover it up but they do.

It’s amazing how many phrases in this book I had heard before in real life and how much victim blaming is a part of everyday rape culture. There is barely a day go by that I don’t read something online about rape that has a barrage of rapist defending comments and victim shaming. This book made me sad because it is so honest to god true that it chilled me to the bone. These are the people we know and defend, this girl is the girl that we slam because they looked at our boyfriends and wore a short skirt.

The fact that people would possibly read this book and see the rapist innocent arguments as right is something that makes me so sad. Why are we not promoting more fiction like this to young people? It is so easy to blame and not to stand up.

This isn’t my usual type of review because it has really effected me. I urge you, as a human being to read this book.

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