City of Glass by Cassandra Clare

This is the third book in the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, first published in 2009 by Margret K. McElderry Books. This book is a young adult urban fantasy. The book is the biggest so far at 541 pages long. I read this book in around about 7 hours over 2 days.

I gave this book, which may come as a shock to some of you, 5 STARS. This book is about war, lies, love and putting differences aside. I loved every minute of this beautiful, glorious book so in my spoiler fuelled way I will tell you why.

I like the religious theme that runs through these books, the presence of God’s angels fuels this book. But, like in the world we live in it was interesting to see Simon persecuted not only because he was a vampire but in part because he was Jewish.

There were so many great quotes in this book that had such a lot of connections to them. I fe l like every word in this book can mean a multitude of things to different characters. “Now I wonder all the time how you go back after something like that. Wether we can ever be friends again, or if what we had is broken” Jase said this but I could see this in Simon’s mind and Luke.

I feel such empathy for Isabel worrying every time her brother leaves that it’ll be the last time she sees him. This must effect not only everyone in the Shadowhubter’s world but all of the Warewolves, vampires, fairies etc. It must be difficult growing up with the inevitability of death looming over you everyday. She is right, humans don’t need to deal with that in a day to day basis and her contempt for mundanes may stem from this. They may be weak because they’ll never have to face what shadow hunters to.

Magnus admitting that he was always helping because he loved Alec was amazing. I loved that whole scene. It was romantic and so cute and made Magnus come out as such a likeable guy, just a guy that doesn’t want to be hurt. And the fact that Alec will introduce him to his family of they survive is so cute. I genuinely believe that love can conquer everything, including fear.

Max being killed was a cruel twist in this book that I didn’t see coming, at all. I realised then just how dangeous and ruthless certain characters were in this book. And I felt so sad that cute little Max would never get to grow up.

The dreams Clary was having revealing bits of information about the past and future were really interesting but I felt so sorry that Clary was having to deal with the restlessness in sleeping and waking world.

The last third of the book was a roller plaster where SO MUCH HAPPENED! Sebastian is a spy sent by Valentine. Valentine tells the Clave they must choose to live under his rule or he would kill them all. Jase going after Valentine and nearly getting killed by Sebastian (who I do not believe is dead). Alec kissing Magnus in public finally! Clary convincing the Clave to fight with the Underworld’s against Valentine and giving them a special rune (the whole rune thing is fascinating). Valentine raising an angel using the mortal instruments. Valentine killing Jase. Clary taking control and the Angel killing Valentine and bringing Jase back to life.

Jase and Clary are not related (celebration)! Though technically she did kiss her actual brother (eww).

Magnus did not run off with the super rare spell book but in fact did what he said he would do, bring Clary’s mother back! This made me love Magnus even more, he is a honest man in love with Alec, made me so happy! I feel ashamed I doubted him for a second.

Also Luke and Jocelyn finally getting together! And Clary and Jase finally learning the truth about their pasts (hopefully). 

Simon was super brave in this book and gets cooler and cooler as the book goes on! Now he has 2 women chasing after him I hope he doesn’t become a douche, I’m glad he’s over Clary and they can be real best friends.

I doubt very much Sebastian/Jonathan is dead, I think he will return. I also think that that Dairy Queen is going to be back with avengence. As will the vampires.

I know I’ve missed probably a lot out of this book but there was a LOT in this. I love every book more than the last and I can’t wait to carry on.


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