City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare

This is book 2 in the Mortal Instruments series. This book was published in 2008 by Margret K. McElderry Books. This book is Young Adult (urban) fantasy. The book is 453 pages long with lettering that is considerably smaller than the first book. It took me about 6/7 hours to read this book, and this was in among doing things. I gave this book a 5 star rating and it deserves every star!

In this book Clary is faced with a mother in a magical coma, a father with a plan that will turn the world upside down and a fight between the mortal world with her (could be more than a) best friend Simon or the shadow hunter world and her (possible) brother, possible lover Jase. 

This book was just as much of a roller coaster as the the first book. There were plenty of heart stopping moments as well as enough twists and turns that I felt a range of different emotions for all the characters. I felt empathy for those who I never thought I would as well as understanding. This book is so translatable to the issues we face in society everyday, such as racism and issues of asylum. The amount you can read into this book is truly awesome, saying that if you don’t want to it’s such an amazing story that you don’t have to read anything into it. 

There are a few bits in the book that I really connected with. Jase showing jealousy made him so human and it made me really feel like I was starting to bond with him.

The thought of fairies making me dance till I die is horrendous. I never want to be in a situation where I dance till my feet become stumps, this SERIOUSLY has given me daymares. I also really liked that on first appearance the fairies were these beautiful creatures but as you looked further you saw more flaws.

The fairie kingdom was a highlight for me. I liked the detail of it, the description of the land and the laws that visitors had to follow. For example your safety in the fairie land is only insured by a token from a fairie or a fairie escort. Though I felt tricking Clary into drinking her drink and holding her ransom to their whim was a bit harsh, especially when they made her snog HER OWN BROTHER in front of Simon to escape. “They’ll find whatever it is you want most in the world and give it to you – with a sting in the tail of the gift that will make make you regret you ever wanted it in the first place”.

This book seemed to revolve around unrequited love. Jace and Clary. Clary and Simon. Simon and Maia. Magnus and Alec. Jocelyn and Luke. Jocelyn and Valentine. Raphael and Isabel. The list goes on and on, it wasn’t till I had to write this that I realised how many people weren’t with the person that they loved. For every bit of joy these characters get I feel like they were doused in pain.

Also Simon is a vampire now? What? It was kind of like a be careful what you wish for situation, he was sick of being a mundane and being left out, now he’ll never be a mundane again. Also on the subject of vampires, I’d love a flying motorbike.

My favourite quote of the whole book was “As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?”.

I really enjoyed this. The story becomes more and more complex. It also becomes increasingly harder not to turn another page. After reading this all other books seem so boring. Luckily for me Cassandra Clare knew people would need more and she’s still producing it. Hello City of Glass!


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