City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

This is going to be full to the brim with spoilers. I cannot review this book without throwing them everywhere, the temptation is too much and I NEED to talk about them! Welcome to my book review of the first book in the Mortal Instruments series; City of Bones!

So this is a series comprising of 6 books in total, City of Bone being the first. Published in 2007 by Margaret K. McElderry Books. If I was going to put this in a genre it would be young adult (urban) fantasy. The book is 485 pages in length, it looks chunky book the words are pretty big so it isn’t as long as it seems. This took me 2 days to read, but one of those days was my boyfriend’s birthday and the other I spent half a day cleaning my house, so it probably took me about 6 hours ish to read this book, it read really fast. I gave this a 5 star rating and if you’ve read this book you’ll know why.

This book is about 15 year old Clary who witnesses a murder without a body with murderers that no one else can see. This event catapults her into a world that she didn’t even knew existed full of secrets and lies she must untangle to get to the truth. And of course there’s a love interest, how could there not be?

My favourite characters in the book were Clary and Valentine. Clary because she’s strong willed and stubborn as an ox. She’s a fighter and she isn’t easily fooled. I loved her search for knowledge, her logical thinking and how much she put up a fight. Her teenage hormones when it comes to a certain boy do get in the way a little but in her defence the cause always comes first and it added another level to her character (plus what 15 year old girl wouldn’t have a thing for Jase?). I loved Valentine because I love a baddy. Valentine is the worst! He is pig headed and unforgiving and unemotional and never thinks he is wrong. The coldness of his actions shocked me more than once.I think at one time his heart was in the right place but man is he warped now! He really brings this book to life and I can’t wait to read more about Valentine (and hopefully delve into his past in the rest of the series).

I loved how much I learnt reading this book (yes that’s right, you can learn from reading kids). I genuinely had to look up words in the dictionary an embarrassing amount of times because this book was loaded with gems. I feel like reading this has expanded my vocabulary, I love to learn a new word. I also loved how intricate, how intelligent and how complex the plot was. The character development was truly impressive compared to the other young adult novels that were out there. I also felt like I was on the streets of New York whilst I read this, her descriptions were like reading a book rather than watching a film and I loved that.

I was thrilled with the amount of times I gasped at things in this book, even occasionally when I saw them coming. Saying that, it wasn’t often I saw the plot twists coming which is insane in a book that is brimming with turns, you would think that I would see more coming than I did. I was constantly double checking myself just as much, if not more than the characters were. I genuinely feel a bit more paranoid about the world around me. What if everything is glamour?

The whole Jase and Simon and Clary thing was insane but not as insane as finding out Jase was Carly’s brother!!!!!!!!! Brother and sister? Really? I genuinely couldn’t imagine at the start of this book that I would be routing for a couple who turned out to be brother and sister. I also didn’t think at the end of the book that I’d still be routing for them as a couple (but only if I’m right and it turns out their not related and Valentine was lying all along, which is my prediction).

I’ve got a couple of favourite little quotes to wrap this review up with;

“There might be a God, Clary, and there might not, but I don’t think it matters. Either way we’re on our own”.

“Life stretches out very long when you never see the sunlight”.

This was beautifully written and I feel so pumped about this book and starting the new one so I’m going to now!

Did you love the book too? Let me know in the comments (but no spoilers please or I will cry).

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