The Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

The Lux series is a collection of 5 novels and 2 novellas that follow the love story of Katy (a human) and Daemon (an alien). Since there is a spoiler in the first sentence it’s pretty clear to see that this isn’t going to be spoiler free review. If you haven’t read these books before and you’re just looking for a spoiler free review, stop it and go and buy the books! If you’ve read them and wonder what a 27 year old Twilight fan would think of them, then carry on…

I must confess though before we start that I haven’t read the second novella Oblivion, from what I’ve gathered this is a retelling from Daemon’s perspective of the first book. I love a good retelling but I’m at my limit with this series and I need a break, I’ll come back to this in the future when the story isn’t fresh in my mind and I know I’ll be more appreciative of it then.

Overall this book series is 1947 pages long, which doesn’t seem that much but when you see the size of the bind ups they look huge! And no matter how fast you seem to read them they always seem to take forever to get to the end of. This is a big series for YA, bigger than Twilight I believe and over 5.5 books, it took a hell of a lot out of my attention span. I gave these books all a mixture of 4 and 5 star ratings, which I will go through when I show you each book individually. These books were published between 2012 to 2016, I read them between May and June this year (2016) so I’m not THAT far behind for me, yay!

Obsidian (Book 1) – 5 STARS

So in the first book there’s this girl called Katy who moves to some town in West Virginia with her mum after he dad died of cancer. They move in next door to the Blacks, Dee and Daemon. Dee who is friendly and wants a best friend more than anything in the world and Daemon who wants nothing to do with Katy, or with anyone else but his sister it would seem. And of course it turns out that Dee and Daemon are aliens who already lost their brother and his human girlfriend to one of their many enemies (Daemon’s situation is explained so well in the novella Shadows).

When an incident occurs that endangers Katy’s life, instead of turning away and leaving Katy to die Daemon uses his alien powers to heal Katy. Upside, she’s still alive. Downside? She’s now so illuminated with the glow of Daemon’s healing that any one of the alien enemies within miles of them will see her. Putting all of them in danger. They have to find a way to make the glow fade, as every second they wait is leaving them more open to danger. While they battle against the enemy (while spending a considerable amount of time trying to work out who they can trust, which is a theme in this book) they are also battling their feelings for each other.

I LOVED this book! Having just read the 5th wave before I delved into this, I was really feeling aliens. Though this was a nice change as it was a lot more romance focused. And by romance I mean a LOT of sexual tension. I loved Katy as a character, I thought she was really believable and relatable, I didn’t feel like she was some stupid 16/17 year old girl who didn’t know what she was doing. She just seemed normal which was great. I also loved Dee, she is just bubbly and wonderful and the glue that sticks everyone together.

On the other hand, Ash and Andy we’re just horrible for horrible sake. I know they have a lot to loose but with these two I have the feeling that they hate because they like it and because they think they’re better than everyone else. No one likes a bully, or a couple of stuck up idiots. Especially Ash wrapping herself round Daemon like a demented snake. Have some self respect Ash!

I loved Daemon, now I can see why people don’t like books like this. In real life the bad boy isn’t nice underneath most of the time and no I know we shouldn’t just let the horrible things slide when he turns nice. But I really connected to Daemon as a character and I could see that he wasn’t being a dick for the sake of it, he was protecting himself and his family. The only reason he comes across as so unnecessarily horrible to Katy is because she has no idea WHY he is being like that. I’m honestly not trying to justify his actions, I just like him OK? He has a smart mouth and I like that, I also like that Katy gives back just as much as she gets. Plus he’s hot, that helps.

Onxy (Book 2) – 5 STARS

This book is really where the series started to heat up. Having found out all about Daemon and Dee’s brother Dawson in the first book and about their death’s, we are thrown a curve ball when Beth is found alive and they realise that for Beth to be alive Dawson has to be too (alien mojo rules). All sorts of stuff goes down in this book. The emergence of the DOD as a potential threat. The realisation that Katy is now a human/alien hybrid with powers she’s struggling to control and the appearance of a new boy in town who is fighting for her affection and similar to her in more ways than she realises at first. But can he be trusted? No. Glad she realised before it was too late, oh wait…

Opal (Book 3) – 4 STARS

I liked this book but the drama seemed to be stretching a bit thin. The whole time I was reading it I just kept thinking, what? Why? Hasn’t everyone been through enough? Of course the answer is no. No one has been through enough. The third book sees Katy and Daemon firmly in a relationship but it feels like its them against the world. The further they go the more truths seem to be revealed to them, which makes you double question every character for the rest of the book series. And of course we loose Dee’s boyfriend in this which dramatically changes Dee, I spend the rest of the books mourning this. We also gain Dawson back though, he is desperate to rescue his girlfriend Beth from the compound. Then they do get her back and they capture Katy!!!!!! That cliff-hanger? Had I not had the next book I would have been  upset.

Origin (Book 4) – 4 Stars

Daemon must find Katy, he must save her before it’s too late. I feel like this whole story was a conspiracy theorist’s wet dream. I liked the feeling of not knowing who to trust and when you find out it was Matthew betraying them, it left me heartbroken and wondering just how deep it really ran with him. Also all the deaths?! Killing off an entire family seemed really harsh but then again I felt like those characters along with Blake had run their course and there wasn’t really a lot of point holding onto them; still sad none the less. On the happier side, how much dirtier was this book? I felt like we went from a 12 to at least a 15, but I loved the passion. Katy and Daemon are just so juicy and sexy and in love. Being 18 and in love is fabulous and full of not being able to keep your hands off each other. I didn’t feel their marriage was necessary but that’s what people do when theyre crazy in love I guess. I could have lived without the marriage. And finally BETH IS PREGNANT! OOPS! I feel like this is The O.C but crossed with The X Files, its so weird that is shouldn’t work but it really does.

Opposition (Book 5) – 5 STARS

BAM and there are Luxen everywhere, killing people and stealing their DNA, it is a bloodbath but we all knew it was coming. I loved the action in this book, it was the book that kept me most entertained and I felt it was mostly because I’ve grown such an emotional attachment to all the characters. Dee becoming part of the Lux army killed me, but her coming back? The best thing ever! Especially her and Katy making friends. I kind of knew they’d never have a hold on Daemon, so I wasn’t shocked when they didn’t. I love that they persuaded the Arum to fight with them. And how could I forget the Origins! I haven’t even mentioned them, but having read the books you know what I mean.

These were really hard to review. You get A LOT of book for your money with this series. I wish I’d written more detailed reviews after each book because I know I’m missing loads of good stuff to talk about but you get the gist.

Shadows (Book 0.5) – 5 STARS

This was the novella that explained Beth and Dawson’s back story and ultimately gives us an insight into Dawson at the start of the series. I loved this and I want more. I want more Beth and Dawson. Then again I want a book from the Arum perspective, or Dee dating an origin or the story of Blake! This series is too good. Read it!


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