How I Rate Books

I’ve always been a bit frivolous with how I rate books, it’s very much been how I feel at the minute I close the book. I look back on some of my reviews though and realise I have rated them purely on emotion which is a big part of it but not a true reflection on why you should read (or not read) these books. So, I have sat down and comprised a rating system that I am going to use in the future.

My first rule is I will finish the book and leave some time between finishing it and reviewing it, in order to think about if I actually really liked the book or not.

My second rule is I will not read other people’s reviews first and let them influence what I thought about a book.

So what warrants the stars?


  1. This book was flawlessly written and edited.
  2. This book had a beautiful cover where great care has been taken to reflect the book’s personality.
  3. I had a really strong emotional attachment to something in the book.
  4. The story unfolded well, kept my attention at all times and had the ‘couldn’t put it down’ effect.
  5. I genuinely feel that I will read this book again and enjoy it just as much.
  6. I would recommend this book to people with pride.


  1. This book was pretty much flawlessly written and edited.
  2. The book is well presented and makes me want to pick it up.
  3. This book made me feel emotions and genuinely entertained me most of the way through.
  4. I would recommend this book to other people and possibly read it again. A fantastic story but just missing a little bit of spark that would have made it a 5 star.


  1. This book may not be as well written or edited as I feel it could be. This may be a self publish that has not had the care and attention that a company published book would have had.
  2. The cover/binding may not be the most wonderful or eye grabbing.
  3. The story may have held my attention but not given me the emotional connection or not as much of an emotional connection.
  4. The whole book is OK as a one time read and probably not something I would re-read.


  1. Little attention paid to the editing or ascetics of the book.
  2. The story didn’t grab me or I found it hard to get through it. Possibly bad character/world building.
  3. Found it hard to find things I liked about the story but there were certain things that kept me reading to the end.
  4. A book I would not recommend to friends and I wouldn’t read again.
  5. Below average.


  1. This book was horribly written or horribly edited with little or no care of how the book flows or how the book looks.
  2. The story didn’t make sense or I felt it wasn’t something interesting or remotely grabbing. Little time had been spent developing characters, building plot or something random is added into the story that does not fit into the flow. Or the whole book infuriated me and made me feel robbed of money.
  3. A book I would actively dissuade people from reading.

On the whole I know what kind of books I like to read and I can tell before I pick up a book if I’m going to like it or not but in some cases you can be deceived (which I have been before) and therefore I think its good to have a set of guidelines to judge a book on. Of course at the end of today books are all about personal preference. But in future reviews I hope you can all now see where I’m coming from. Let me know in the comments if you have a system for reviewing books.

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