My Ridiculous TBR Pile Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my ridiculously large to be read pile. If you have made it this far you have fabulous concentration and probably a very firm opinion on how much will power I have. Here we go!

  1. All These Perfect Strangers by Aolfe Clifford. I won this on Goodreads but on the upside I REALLY want to read this, super bad. Reading the synopsis again made me realise (yay). All These Perfect Strangers, a psychological thriller about a haunted past. The opening blurb is this; ‘You don’t have to believe in ghosts for the dead to haunt you. You don’t have to be a murderer to be guilty’. Hell yes I want to read this after I read that. So many god damn questions right now, come on lucky dip cup…
  1. Alice in Zombieland (1) & Alice Through The Zombie Glass (2) by Gena Showalter. I’m putting these together because they’re part of the same series and quite frankly we don’t have all week. I think I bought these because I saw a trailer for the new Alice In Wonderland film and thought this is my thing; I love Alice in Wonderland and zombies so combining them must be a winning formulae. Now every time I look at them I just feel like that was £3 wasted and feeling like that makes me feel bad, I haven’t even given these books a chance before regretting the purchase of them. I will read these even if they make me throw a paddy like a three year old (highly possible with my personality type).

24.The Tale of Beatrix Potter by Margaret Lane. This is once again down to James Rebanks and his talk of farming. In this instance, Beatrix Potter farming. She sounds like the kinda woman I want to get to know, plus I feel ashamed that I grew up in Cumbria and know so little about her. I want to read this, its just there’s lots I want to read so it ended up on the island of lost books with the rest of this enormous list.

25. The Lonely by Andrew Michael Hurley. Thriller alert! This was another of the thriller binge purchase that I went off pretty quickly.The story sounds like it could be good; brothers, an island, a dark secret and a mass fear of water. Then again with such a vague discription this book could also be the worst thing ever. I picked it up with such excitement but slowly this looking at this book I’m getting less and less interested. The reason my thriller run was so short lived was because I always hate the endings, every god damn freaking time. I can’t help but think this would be the same.

26. The Unabridged Journal of Sylvia Plath. I love Sylvia Plath with every ounce of my stereotypical Plath lover bones. But this is a journal not a story. I have attempted to read this before and I am determined I will finish this; but what I read was full of reference to stuff I had no idea about. At least when you read the diary of someone you know, you are part of the action (not that I would do that). And you might think well honestly woman of course some things aren’t going to make sense. Yes I know that.  But I wanted it to be something it isn’t so I’ve ruined the book myself. I still love you Sylvia.

27. The Lost Swimmer by Ann Turner. I’m starting to wish I’d abbreviated Goodreads win, but anyway, yes here is another one (how did I get myself into this mess?). First of all I’d like to share with you how amazing the cover is, I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover (pun intended) but this is so lovey and shiny! There’s nothing better than a metallic cover on a book. The story is a professional woman suddenly accused of all sorts of terrible things and on top of this her husband starts having an affair. So she drags him to Europe to try and clear her name (and no doubt to keep a close eye on him) but then he goes out swimming one day and NEVER COMES BACK – dum dum dummmmmmmmmm! What comes next is anyone’s guess. Will she clear her name? Will she find her husband? Will she get to have a swim? Ok I’ve totally just talked myself back into this book.

28. Flawed by Cecelia Ahern. Young Adult dystopian written by the author of P.S I Love You? Yes, yes, yes, yes! So yes that I ran out on release day and bought a signed (**swoon**) copy. But yes enough to read straight away? No. I was reading something else and it fell into the book abyss. This story follows a young girl who is perfect till one day she isn’t. Unfortunately for her being anything but perfect is illegal. She could be imprisoned. She could be branded (yes you heard me right, branded) and worst of all she could be found flawed. Now I’ve written that it seems even less appealing than its been becoming. Maybe I’m too flawed for this book?

29. The Witches by Stacy Schiff. Witches. Historical fiction. Witches. Historical fiction. Witches fascinate me, the Salem witch trials fascinate me, but I hate historical fiction. I read one earlier in the year (a Goodreads win if anyone was wondering) and the story would have been so much better had it been set in modern times. Now I realise you can’t do that with history and make it plausible. I honestly would rather read a factual book on the subject than a historical fiction, yet here I am with a copy of this historical fiction book that I chose for myself. Being about a million pages long doesn’t make it any more appealing either. So I’m going to read this monster and if I don’t like it I’m going to block any historical fiction sections of book websites from my web browser and be done with it.

30. The Disarm Series by June Gray. I bought this on a whim when I was doing a ton of book shopping when my bonus came in from work. I was determined that I was going to buy things in series because I swear it doesn’t matter how much I like a book, if I don’t get the next one pretty soon I loose all interest, my attention span is servilely lacking in any kind of substance. Lucky for me I was able to buy them all but even if I did want to read them I can’t because two weeks later I still only own the last book, talk about snail mail. This story is a total New Adult fest. This book is all drama and sexual tension according to it’s Goodreads page. A girl in love with her dead brother’s best friend and a secret that could tear everything apart. I’m sure if I ever get to these books that I’ll enjoy them very much, they’re right up my street.

31. Just One Day by Gayle Forman. I thought this was like the film Just One Day but no, it’s about a girl who goes to Paris and falls in love in one day. This sounds like the sickening love stuff that I know I will love. I also have Just One Year somewhere in the postal system, I’m not sure if this is a duology or two slightly linked stand alones. Either way I can’t wait to dive into these.

32. Endless Summer Series by Jennifer Echols. This is a bind up of The Boys Next Door and Endless Summer. I’ve been craving summer beach romance books since The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han. Reading the series description they sound exactly the same as The Summer I turned Pretty, which I’m not complaining about. The only reason I haven’t read this yet is because I’ve only just got this and I feel guilty about all my other TBR books.

33. The Bared To You series by Sylvia Day. The last book came out last month and still I’ve only read the first book in this five book extravagansa. I really liked Bared To You, shame on anyone who says this is another 50 Shades. Bared To You was well written and actually had a plot along with its sexy scenes. I got the rest of the series because I know I’ll fly through them, when I get there of course.

34. OMG is this actually my life? Not a statement but a book by Rae Earl. I loved My Mad Fat Diary the tv show, the books? Well lets say the books made me glad that Channel 4 took some artistic licence. My boyfriend bought me this for Christmas and I’m hoping because this is completely fictional that it will be a bit less boring. Then again reading the back makes me think this book is legit for 12 year olds. I think this book is going to make me feel old. Luckily the font is massive enough for my decrepit eyes. Plus I doubt it’ll have any mention of Finn, the reason why everyone loved My Mad Fat Dairy.

35. Off The Page by Jodi Piccoult & Samantha Van Leer. Did anyone read Between The Lines and think yes, this sounds a lot like online dating? Yeah its great and easy until you try and bring it into the real world. Off The Page IS bringing it to the real world. A fairytale prince straight out of a book trying to find his way now he’s out of the book. I loved Between The Lines, it was never going to win any kind of literary awards but it was cute and I’m hoping for the same kind of cuteness with this book.

  1. The Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Twilight with aliens, seriously it’s just twilight, WITH ALIENS. But I loved Twilight so I’m loving this, don’t you judge me. I’ve already steamed my way through the first two books; Obsidian and Onxy. Then I read the 5th Wave trilogy because I couldn’t stop myself, which has ruined everything. So I’m slowly making my way through the third book Opal willing myself to get back into this because I have 2 more books and 2 novellas to get through before I’m allowing myself to read something new.


37. I am on the edge of my seat, running to the door at every sound, constantly checking my package delivery status excited for the last books I have bought before my book buying ban. It is of course THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS SERIES by Cassandra Clare. How I haven’t got these yet I have no idea since they’re all book lovers have talked about since they came out but in all seriousness I got a brand new box set for a reasonable price so I guess now is the time. I’m trying not to cheat and pretend I picked these out of to be read jar.

This has to be the longest blog in the history of the universe. If you have got this far, you have the staying power of a champion and I salute you! So there it is, I think we’re just shy of 50 including the series books. Which would make me feel terrible if someone from Instagram hadn’t told me she had at least 80 books on her TBR pile. The lesson I’ve learnt from this is I need a bit more self control. But who am I kidding? If I get rid of this pile there will be plenty more to make a new one. Thank you for reading. Read any of these books? Any good? Let me know!

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